Last month, CNW circulated a survey asking our audience how they integrate social media into their brand marketing and communications plans. Here is what we found:

Nothing cuts through the clutter of today’s online news environment better or faster than a strong visual.

And that’s why we don’t advise our clients to run fake news releases on April Fools’ Day. Here’s the longer rationale:

Borrowing from our friends over at PR Newswire’s Beyond PR blog, CNW Group will be expanding their popular “Content We Love” blog feature to our own blog, here at Beyond the Wire.  Our version showcases Canadian, CNW-issued news release and multimedia content that we believe demonstrates best practices for success in a digital world. This inaugural post was written by David Nelson. 

CNW-Buzz-Volume-Line-Graph-SochiCNW Group has just introduced CNW Social Monitoring, a new platform that gives brand stewards of all stripes an easy way to track, analyze and engage in conversations taking place online. This solution is perfect for anyone seeking a straightforward yet comprehensive way to monitor and analyze conversations happening online.

PotY_Winner_Photo_ForAnnouncement-(13-03-14)Last month, CNW’s Vince Demers announced his shortlist of the best client photos submitted throughout 2013.

“Music is a good idea Darrin, but we didn’t budget for it.”
I have heard this sad statement far too many times in my career as a video producer and editor. Of course it is important. I’d go so far as to say it is essential.

Online newsThe news release is out, the pitches are done and the interviews are complete. Your monitoring service alerts you to the first post online and excitedly you click to open the link. Your smile fades and your stomach drops to the floor. There’s a mistake in the story; the reporter’s facts are wrong.

This post by @sarahskerik first appeared on our parent company’s blog (PR Newswire – Beyond PR). It has been edited for CNW’s use with her permission.