Did you know that July is anti-boredom month?
Well it is. And it got us to thinking about news releases and how there’s really no excuse for them to be boring. To help prevent boring new releases from ruining anti-boredom month, we’ve developed a list of five ways to avoid being boring.

iStock_000002460137MediumThere is more and more evidence showing that companies who combine strong financial performance with sound environmental, social and governance practices have greater potential to outperform over the long term.

brand-hubFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all public companies, and as such, their primary objectives are to return profits to their shareholders, not drive visibility for the brands that have developed presences on their platforms. It’s no secret that social networks strive to make their sites useful and attractive to users, employing algorithms to serve up content that will engage their audiences and keep them on the site longer (thus …

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