Public relations and communications practitioners know there are lots of benefits to issuing a news release. From media coverage to SEO, they are the tried, tested and true backbone of the industry.

However, when it comes to crafting a news release, it’s important to ask yourself “is this news?” Beyond meeting disclosure requirements for a publicly traded company, here are a few examples of what might be considered newsworthy:

  • Product launches
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Research and survey results
  • Awards
  • Partnerships
  • Philanthropy
  • Personnel changes and appointments
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Events
  • Comments on major issues such as elections or federal budgets
  • Interview opportunities

Make sure that your news release isn’t just information; just having news often isn’t enough. What is the angle or news hook that will grab reader’s attention? Find a human interest element or tie your news to a current event.

Also, don’t forget about multimedia. What are the opportunities to include photos, videos or audio clips? Research from PR Newswire shows that multimedia content drives better results – and that more multimedia = more views.


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