Government communicators can almost always count on media coverage. Since they don’t have to fight for visibility like many other industries, creating multimedia content is often deemed unnecessary and is therefore overlooked. However, multimedia can help enhance the government communicators’ message by clarifying a story and engaging audience members. Ian Capstick, an Ottawa-based communicator and blogger, explains:

“Government needs to change the mentality from text to visual content to connect with their audience. There needs to be a fundamental switch to evolve to multimedia based communications and incidentally, reach Canadians more successfully.”

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) has tapped in to multimedia with the production of its Success Stories video series. Produced over a two year period, the videos feature testimonials from Canadians who have utilized the FCAC’s interactive tools and financial resources.

The FCAC used social media releases to reach traditional media outlets and online audiences; their videos have been posted on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo and MySpace.

“For us, using social media releases is an innovative way to bring these informative videos directly to consumers by positioning ourselves within the social networks they use,” said Véronique Milot, Communications Officer at the FCAC.

Using creative multimedia assets such as videos, photos and graphics will help government communicators better tell their stories and in turn, help Canadians understand the role and actions of government.


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