CNW launched our Social Media Release service in the summer of 2008. Since then plenty has been written about SMRs – I estimate no less than 142,000,000 blog posts have waxed on why they’re great, why they’re not great, how, why and when to use them (or not).

Last week we took a look at what a Social Media Release is and isn’t.  Today, let’s talk about strategies for SMR making your SMR a success.

Ask yourself, is this news?

Good communicators always ask this question prior to communicating to the media. Your answer will help guide your approach (and manage your expectations). Hot news or not, providing your audience with relevant information and useful multimedia assets will help ensure you own the message.

Know your audience

In his post, Social media releases: five harsh thoughts, Mark Blevis reminds would-be users that the media are looking for your wire release, not an SMR. CNW’s newswire feeds directly into newsroom editorial systems. This is where the media looks first and it is why CNW always includes a full text wire release with a link back to your SMR.

Not sure your story is right for mainstream media? Target your news release copy and multimedia assets to niche audiences, such as bloggers.

Engage in the social part of social media and begin to develop relationships well before you launch your SMR. Research and follow bloggers relevant to your news, industry, products or organizations.

Be proactive

If you send out an announcement (SMR or otherwise) without a proactive media relations plan, prepare to listen to the sound of trees blowing in the wind. Create well-written, individually tailored email pitches and reach out to reporters and bloggers that may be interested in your SMR.

Include high-quality assets

Including compelling photography, video and audio clips may increase your chances of pick-up.  These days, newsrooms are doing more with less. Make their jobs easier by providing assets they can use to create a great story.

Bring in the professionals and produce the best assets to showcase your products, people or places.

Be prepared

For more tips on connecting with bloggers and launching your SMR, download our Tips Card.


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April 19, 2010 at 4:46 pm

[...] always advocated this approach, and I’m happy to see that CNW continues to do so. (A single tear rolled down my cheek when I read that blog post.) In fact, this approach is even [...]

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